EmpowerKids Tool

EmpowerKids Tool, developed in join collaboration by the project partners is a user-friendly and empowering tool that supports the professionals in consultations on physical activity, nutrition, family resources and daily activity. With EmpowerKids Tool, the children can be approached in an attractive way and they can receive targeted health information and social advice, which addresses their needs.

With EmpowerKids Tool, teachers, health professionals and social workers in the municipalities have a chance to learn more about health status and needs of the children from low-income families and plan better their interventions. Through the EmpowerKids project, the EmpowerKids Tool was used in different settings: in kindergartens, children centres, social day centres and in schools.


The EmpowerKids Tool was tested in the two rounds of interviews with the children of 6-12 years of age in Estonia, Finland and Latvia. The collection of good practices about using the tool and healthy workshops can be found here: 

Comparison of EmpowerKids Tool to other methods used in discussing with the child about his/her health and well-being can be found here:PDF iconempowerkids_comparisonofempowerkidstool.pdf